Machinery Breakdown and Product Liability


The root cause analysis of failures or breakdowns in equipment or systems in industrial environments requires a thorough knowledge of all the variables related to the affected process in order to reach definitive conclusions about the etiology of the loss, which is often not attributable to a single cause, but to a confluence of several causes occurring simultaneously.

With years of experience in industrial environments, our specialists are able to carry out in-depth investigations, taking into account all the existing constraints.

Below are some of our services in this area of expertise:

  • Investigation of different types of breakdowns: leaks and damages in pressurized equipment, structural collapse, component failure, machinery breakdowns, failure in engines or electrical generators…
  • Identification of causes of lower than expected output in industrial processes.
  • Investigation of non-compliance with recommended operating procedures.
  • Identification of modifications and stressed elements in machinery or installations.
  • Definition and monitoring of laboratory tests and additional studies (vibration analyses, thermographic inspection, finite element modeling, etc.) associated with the investigation.