IST, Investigation Service Technologies, established in Spain in 1995, is the reference company for root cause study and analysis related to losses and breakdowns, specializing in different areas such as: Fires and Explosions; Business Interruption and Machinery Breakdowns; Building, Construction and Civil Works; Labor Accidents; Environmental Emergencies; and Food Industry Incidents. The company employs a technical team specializing in consulting services to companies on possible industrial, labor, legal, financial and environmental risks, carrying out risk inspections and safety audits that help manage risks in those areas.

IST, Investigation Service Technologies, operates worldwide, having a solid presence throughout Spain, in Portugal and in Latin America. In 2014 IST Investigation Service Technologies signed a framework agreement with Fundacion TECNALIA Research & Innovation, first private hub of applied research and technological development in Spain and one of the most relevant in Europe, with 1400 experts of over 30 nationalities. This agreement aims at combining efforts and clarifying with greater guarantee the causes of claims losses, confirming with more conclusive arguments the hypotheses put forth by investigators.

Our expertise

Having successfully solved nearly 2,000 investigations, IST Investigation Service Technologies have great experience in all of our areas of specialization and in participating as an expert witness before criminal and civil courts.

In cases where IST Investigation Service Technologies is involved in the early stages after an incident is detected, we advise companies in these difficult times so as to reduce downtime, limit responsibilities and reduce capital loss.

Our team

The team of professionals that integrate IST Investigation Service Technologies is composed of true investigation specialists, with university degrees in Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Aeronautical, Agronomical or Forestry Engineering, as well as Architects and Graduates in Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences, among others, to ensure the necessary knowledge to work optimally.

Our team is available 24/7, irrespective of the place and moment the incident takes place.

Collaborating with specialized and recognized national and international companies, IST Investigation Service Technologies complements its work with specialized services involving technical evaluations, audits and consulting services in order to assess the scope of the loss and implement the subsequent measures to avoid recurrence.

Our customers

Some of the most prestigious insurance companies, insurance brokers, adjuster offices, law firms and industrial groups have requested IST (Investigation Service Technologies) services to:

  • Investigate in depth the cause in an existing adjustment report.
  • Draft technical reports assessing risks for assets and processes.
  • Establish laboratory specifications, organize and monitor specific tests and studies.
  • Act as expert witness in legal disputes to support a claim or a defense.
  • Collaborate in in-company investigation of breakdowns, fires, environmental emergencies and labor accidents.
  • Carry out risk inspections and audits in sensitive areas with the goal of preventing fires and occupational, environmental and industrial accidents.